GreenFrame Inc.

     The timber frame home has evolved over many hundreds of years, and in that time has left many different examples of the craft.
     There are a large variety of roof trusses; varying from the very elaborate hammer trusses and king post trusses to more simple queen post trusses and collar ties. There is also the difference between common rafters and purlins (the two ways of forming the roof). Purlins usually accompany the roof truss model, connecting the different roof trusses or bents. Common rafters are usually associated with queen beams or king beams (similar to the ridges and common rafters of stick framing).
    Another defining characteristic of any timber frame is the wood type or variety of wood types included in the frame. Often some color or variety can be brought out in the frame by using a different wood type in the knee braces, collar ties, or other select timbers. Even whole rooms can be frame in a unique species.
    Again these are all aspects of the frame that we at Green Frame would love to talk to you about. So feel free to get in touch.