GreenFrame Inc.

Completed Projects:

Ashfield, Ma - 24x36 Barn/Apartment. Variety of roof truss types: King post, Queen Post and Collar Tie trusses. All timbers pulled from surrounding land. Frame type: Hemlock and White Pine

Greenfield, Ma - 26x45 Main structure with two adjoining outbuildings (11x14 and 12x30). Large Gambrel style barn with drive in 2nd floor and 3rd floor apartment. Timbers from local mills and clients land. Frame type: Hemlock with Cherry braces and Collar Ties (all hand peeled rafters are maple and cherry).

New Haven, Vt - 18x24 Sugar House. Rendition of old style sugar house. All hand peeled rafters were pulled off of surrounding land. Reclaimed maple timbers used in main part of the frame. Frame type: Maple (peeled rafters are a mix of species, mostly ash)

Addison, Vt - 25x36 Lake House. Traditional cape style house with large solarium. Most timbers were pulled from clients land, then supplemented with local mill timbers. Frame Type: Hemlock, Oak, and White Pine, Butternut braces.


Leyden, Ma - 6x14 Wood Shed. Sweet, small wood shed. All cut from one oak tree. Frame type: Oak and White Pine Braces.

Charlemont, Ma - 28x38 3 story House. Gambrel style home. Timbers pulled from owners land to clear site. Frame type: Oak with Cherry braces and collar ties.

Waitsfield, Vt- Large wrap-around porch/ deck. Timber frame porch roof system, deck and railings. Frame type: Port Orford Cedar and White Oak.


Conway, Ma - 22x24 Garage/Addition. Two bay garage designed to attach cleanly to existing roof lines. Frame type: Hemlock.

New Haven, Vt - 24x32. House Addition. Large house addition. Vaulted ceilings and a variety of roof trusses. Frame type: Hemlock.

In Progress:

Michigan - 28x28 Garage/Apartment. Clean and simple design with three Queen Post bents. All timbers from local mills. Frame type: White Pine.

Charlemont - 28x42 House. Hybrid frame. Mostly internal bents. All timbers off of land. Frame Type: red oak and cherry.