GreenFrame Inc.

The Green Frame Crew

(Tyler Conrad, Matt Hopkins, Jon Schaefer, Dylan Cutler)

Jon Schaefer- A graduate in economics from Middlebury College, Jon brings a strong business sense and innovative approaches to design and aesthetic. Jon has also made ski racing and fishing lifetime pursuits.

Tyler Conrad- Tyler is an accomplished timber framer of five years. An Extreme skier extraordinaire, Tyler brings an enjoyment of life and a commitment to high quality craftsmanship. Tyler also graduated in economics from Middlebury.

Matt Hopkins- Matt is an accomplished timber framer and carpenter. A music major from Bard, Matt enjoys composing music and fly fishing. He also heads up the company's sustainable logging division.

Dylan Cutler-  Dylan heads up the plan drawing and layout. A mathematics major at Middlebury College, Dylan Graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He fully enjoys the challenges of designing and cutting timber frames and is always ready to push the design both structurally and creatively.