GreenFrame Inc.

The Company

  Green Frame Inc. is a company committed to creating beautiful, innovative, original timber frames using the time-tested methods of traditional joinery. We strive to provide solutions for any type of client; whether they are creating their dream home, building the barn of necessity, or adding on to an existing structure.

   Green Frame prides itself on great relations with its clients and a refreshing attitude towards building in general. We want to provide our clients with an exceptional product: an outstanding timber frame and an enjoyable experience while creating a new home.


Make Your Forest Your Home

    We are also concerned consumers of a vital resource: our national timber. When possible, Green Frame focuses on selectively harvesting trees from the clients land and incorporating them into their frame. This process has multiple benefits:
-    Gives the home owner a strong connection between their house and their land
-    Selectively uses local timber resources instead of outsourcing for timber
-    Can save money on overall timber costs
-    Provides the opportunity to use different wood types, enhancing the overall structure